What factors can damage the Raymond mill blade?


The Raymond mill can grind a variety of materials, and the uniformity of the finished materials from the grinding process is completely dependent on the cooperation between the grinding roller and the grinding ring inside the equipment. We usually use Raymond mill In the powder mill, I often pay attention to the use of these two parts, but there is a very inconspicuous part on the Raymond mill, which is installed at the bottom of the equipment. The role of the knife is to prevent excessive material from remaining at the bottom of the equipment during the operation of the milling device, but such inconspicuous parts are sometimes worn more seriously. CLIRIK will explain to you today Raymond The serious cause of the blade wear of the mill.

Raymond mill
The relatively serious blade wear of Raymond Mill is caused by multiple reasons.
First of all, we must consider the blade material factors. If the steel plate used in the production of the blade is relatively thin, and the Raymond mill sometimes has a relatively high hardness of the material processed, the blade wear rate will be very fast , And the wear is very serious, the service life will become very short, so the material of the blade we choose must pass the level, and can not use too thin steel plate.
Secondly, when the Raymond mill is processing materials, impurities with relatively high hardness enter the interior of the equipment. The impurities entering the interior of the equipment will definitely fall directly on the bottom of the equipment, and the equipment will shovel The blade will inevitably come into contact with the impurities. Although the rotation speed of the Raymond mill is normal, the impact force between the impurities and the blade is very large, which can easily cause the blade to deform.
The last reason is that the blade used in the Raymond mill is too long to use and lacks maintenance, which leads to serious wear. Although the blade is a relatively small part, we usually need to regularly For maintenance, the blade should be dismantled and polished regularly, so that the blade can be used for a long time.
The above is the reason why the blade of the Raymond mill is more serious, and there is only one way to solve the blade with serious wear, that is, to replace the blade directly.
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