The highlights of micronizer machine


The highlights of micronizer machine

(1) Low investment cost. With the same products' fineness and generator power, it has low investment cost, short return period and twice more output compared with the airflow mill, stirring mill or ball mill.

(2) High powder output. With the same fineness and power consumption, its powder output is more than the airflow mill or stirring mill by 45%.

(3) Low wear and long service time of wear parts. All the wear parts are made of national anti-friction material. Their service life is longer than that of the wear parts of ordinary mill equipment. Generally, they can be used for more than one year.

(4) High security and reliability. The operation which is inside of the grinding chamber is safe and reliable. Compared with an ordinary mill, there is not rolling axletree or screws, so there is no problem of wear of the axletree and other sealed parts, and it avoids the problem that the machine is damaged due to loosen screws.

(5) High fineness of finished product. The final fineness can reach d97≤5μm through one-time processing.

(6) Environmental protection. It adopts an efficiency pulse dust collector, so there is no dust pollution in the complete operation process. In addition, it is equipped with a muffler and sound proofing room so that the pollution and noise can be reduced in accordance with the environment-protection standard, and surrounding environment is protected.

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