Micronizer machine manufacturers


The performance characteristics of micronizer machine

1. Simple and reasonable structure, from the crushing blow type, the use of ultra low cost;
2. The unique design of bearing installation and advanced main shaft makes the machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed;
3. Have finely, coarse grinding function;
4. High reliability and tight security protection device, ensure that equipment and personal safety;
5. Smooth operation, work, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency;
6. Small under the influence of material moisture content, water content can be up to 8%;
7. Parts, low loss, all wearing parts adopt high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, long service life. A few easy wear parts made from special hard wear-resistant material, small volume, light weight, easy to replace the accessories;
8. Vortex chamber internal flow from circulation, small dust pollution;
9. Installation is diversiform, portable installation.

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