Micronized clay hammer mill


Hammer mill is mainly by impact crushing material. Material into the hammer mill, suffered shattered by the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer, the crushed material, obtained from hammer broken hammer kinetic energy, from high speed toward the body flap, screen, meanwhile material impact each other, have been broken many times, the clearance of the material is less than the bar, from the eduction in clearance, individual large material, on the bar again by the impact of the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the material being hammer broken hammer out from the gap. To obtain the required size of the product.

Applicable to the mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building material, highway, burning and other industries to finely medium hardness and brittleness material. Hammer crusher is used for crushing all kinds of medium hard and abrasive weak material. The material does not exceed 100 mpa compressive strength, moisture content is less than 15%. Being broken material for coal, salt, Bai Ya, plaster, brick and tile, limestone, etc. Also used for broken fiber structure, strong elasticity and toughness of broken wood, paper, or broken asbestos cement waste, with recycling asbestos fiber and so on, the equipment, the article gas clearance can be adjusted according to user requirements, change the discharging granularity, to meet the different needs of different users.

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