How to choose the lubricating oil of the ore mill?


How to choose the lubricating oil of the ore mill? No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, lubricating work is essential, as is the grinding equipment. If you want the milling equipment to be durable, you must do a good job of maintenance, and the addition of lubricating oil is the focus. Therefore, lubricating oil is an indispensable key maintenance point for ore pulverizers. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ore pulverizer processing machinery and equipment. Today we will talk about the choice of lubricant of the ore pulverizer.
How to choose lubricating oil for ore mill? High temperature will be generated when the grinding equipment is working, so the lubricant must be selected to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance, to avoid losing its due role due to the high temperature of the equipment; because the working environment of the grinding equipment is relatively Poor, often accompanied by a large amount of dust, so it is required that the lubricating oil has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties; when the lubricating oil is contaminated, its performance will not change too much, that is, the sensitivity to pollution Be small.
And users need to pay attention to the amount of lubricating oil added to the ore mill, and check the addition frequently. Adding too much lubrication at one time may cause oil leakage, and too little will not provide good protection for the equipment; for some milling equipment that is flammable and explosive, the selection of lubricating oil should be paid attention to to avoid lubrication The oil caught fire. It is required to use a lubricant (flame-resistant fluid) with good flame resistance, and flammable mineral oil cannot be used.

high-pressure suspended roller mill equipment

High-pressure Suspended Roller Mill Equipment
The development of high-pressure suspended roller mill equipment needs to adapt to the market demand. In order to maintain the leading edge of the market, it is also the direction pursued by various manufacturers. With the development of domestic infrastructure, the generation of construction waste is also large. How to deal with the waste produced here It has also become a headache. Reprocessing is a better solution. After processing, these wastes can be turned into good building materials, etc., to realize the rational use of resources. Of course, this also uses processing equipment, that is, high pressure The hanging roller mill equipment is composed of a host machine, an analysis machine, a pipeline device, a blower, and can also be equipped with crushers, elevators and other equipment according to customer requirements.
What is the product quality of high-pressure suspended roller mill equipment? This must be inferred from the manufacturer's technical strength. The manufacturer's research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities must be mature. Strictly control the quality of various accessories and components. Taking quality as the foundation, it directly determines the price of the entire system of high-pressure suspended roller mills. The nature of a manufacturer also has a large impact on the price of equipment, because it can be refined, product quality can be guaranteed, and then the user experience, and the after-sales of the product have a great impact on the price of the product. The specific price of high-pressure suspended roller mill equipment still depends on the corresponding plan to answer for you. You can call +86-13917147829 for further consultation.
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