Top 10 reasons that will cause the limestone superfine grinding mill to shut down


What are the factors that will lead to the shutdown of limestone superfine grinding mill?
Emergency stop is the choice made only when the operation of limestone superfine grinding mill encounters abnormal conditions, so under what circumstances we need emergency stop, how should we operate? The following points are CLIRIK's summary of 10 reasons that are likely to cause downtime based on more than ten years of limestone ultrafine grinding mill manufacturing experience.
 limestone ultrafine grinding mill
Limestone Ultrafine Grinding Mill
1. The load of the main motor of limestone superfine grinding mill, or the motor load of auxiliary equipment such as grading equipment and hoist exceeds the rated current value, and there is no obvious reduction by reducing or stopping the feeding process;
2. The temperature of the main motor or auxiliary motor exceeds the specified value, or the motor burns out, and the temperature of the main bearing of the limestone superfine grinding mill and the bearing of the transmission device exceeds the specified value;
3. The material of the grinding head silo is broken or the feeder is stuck, and the supply cannot be restored in a short time. The failure of the automatic feeding control system cannot be repaired in time;
4. The raw materials are full and there is no longer the ability to receive;
5. The meshing sound of the edge-driven limestone superfine grinding mill gears is abnormal and has large vibration. Abnormal sound or vibration of reducer;
6. The bearing bolts of the large and small bearings and the bearing cover bolts are seriously loose, the lubricating oil ring does not rotate and the pulling is invalid; or the oil pump is faulty and the oil pipe is blocked, so that the lubrication system is disabled;
7. Limestone ultrafine grinding mill lining board, retaining ring, partition board, grinding door, hollow shaft fixing bolt breaks off, the lining board falls, the partition board is damaged, etc.;
8. The water pressure into the mill drops sharply (wet milling), and the cooling water is blocked;
9. Mechanical failure of auxiliary equipment;
10. Dust collection equipment fails and cannot be ventilated to collect dust.
Regardless of whether one or several problems occur at the same time, don't be confused. The malfunctioning equipment should be stopped according to the situation, and then the equipment feeding it should be stopped immediately, so as to avoid the accumulation of materials as much as possible; if the limestone ultrafine grinding mill itself or the feeding system has abnormal conditions, you should immediately contact the relevant post , Stop in the normal parking sequence, check the cause immediately after stopping, and eliminate the fault in time.
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