Attapulgite micro pulverizer machine


There are various types of micronizer machines for grinding attapulgite, such as Raymond mill, vertical mill, superfine mill, etc. Different mineral powders, different product fineness and output can choose different milling powders Equipment, fine powder, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd recommends the use of ultra-fine powder mill equipment, while providing a professional attapulgite stone mill production line, and the mill's process flow is scientific and simple, is an excellent mill equipment.
Attapulgite micro pulverizer machine

45 uses of attapulgite

Attapulgite has good adsorption performance, colloidal performance, carrier performance, and reinforcement performance. It is called "King of All Lands" and has a broad market prospect.
1. Desiccant for packaging: Attapulgite mineral desiccant is used in the field of dry materials because of its natural adsorption performance;
2. Decoloring materials: used for decoloring and refining edible oils, and can also be used as filters and clarifiers for beer, fruit juice and other beverages;
3. Coating functional additives: In the field of coatings, attapulgite can be used as filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer;
4. Functional fillers: Attapulgite can be used as reinforcing active fillers for elastomers and polyurethane foams;
5. Drilling mud: It is particularly suitable for drilling mud for offshore oil and gas drilling, drilling of inland salt formations, etc .;
6. Building materials: Attapulgite and other fibers are used to make mineral wool sound-absorbing panels;
7. Daily chemical raw materials: Selected attapulgite can be used as cosmetic raw materials;
8. Mayan-like blue pigments: A class of pigments formed by combining attapulgite with indigo and similar organic dye molecules.
9. Cobalt blue / attapulgite nano-hybrid pigment: It improves the comprehensive performance of the pigment and can be used in the fields of high-end coatings and engineering plastics.
10. Crop disease prevention and control agent: Attapulgite is used as the main raw material to prepare an effective wheat powdery mildew protection agent.
11. Pesticide carrier: A composite nanomaterial is prepared from attapulgite, ammonium bicarbonate and other materials, and the nanomaterial is used as a carrier and the herbicide is mixed to develop a temperature-sensitive controlled-release herbicide particle.
12. Water-retaining agent and water-retaining multifunctional fertilizer: Attapulgite is rich in trace elements, which can effectively improve soil structure and enhance soil permeability.
13. Livestock breeding: With the adsorption function of attapulgite clay, it can absorb harmful wastes and gases in the animal captive environment;
14. Feed additives: Attapulgite clay powder is used as an additive and carrier for granular feed, and has good adhesion.
15. Medicine: It is used for gastrointestinal diseases with attapulgite as the main component, which has the functions of protecting mucous membranes, adsorbing germs and viruses and various toxins, neutralizing gastric acid, astringent intestines to stop bleeding, and repairing ulcers;
16. Sustained-release fragrance: By using attapulgite porosity to immerse aromatic substances (flavors, fragrances) in it, a sustained-release fragrance can be produced for more than 6 months.
17. Atomic energy industry and national defense industry: Attapulgite clay is a superior carrier for radioactive waste, which can absorb uranium and actinides, and is currently being gradually used in nuclear power plants.
18. Catalyst or catalyst carrier: Attapulgite clay is used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier for the polymerization of ethylene, styrene and butadiene rubber.
19. Plastic injection molding crystallization accelerator: plastic masterbatch composed of attapulgite and plastic particles (content 5% ~ 10%), its effect is to promote the crystallization speed during the plastic injection molding process, and to modulate the plastic crystal structure;
20. Nanorod active silica for anode separator of lithium ion battery
21. Energy materials: Attapulgite can be used in the preparation of new electrode materials, battery separators and confined catalysts;
22. Advanced grease additives: Attapulgite nano-materials prepared by depolymerization and dispersion purification. Organic modification can obtain organic-friendly materials. Adding them to solid lubrication has great development prospects.
23. Conductive additives for polymer materials: Attapulgite nano-materials prepared by depolymerization and dispersion purification are coated with conductive reinforced nanoparticles to obtain conductive reinforced materials and added to plastics.
24. Reinforced aerogel super heat-insulating material: The use of natural attapulgite fiber reinforced aerogel super heat-insulation material can increase the added value of concave products.
25. Diesel nano-combustion promoter: A new type of hydrophobic nano-composite was prepared using attapulgite irradiated with high-energy electron beam.
26. Catalyst purification of volatile organic compounds—formaldehyde adsorbent
27. Foam Flooding and Foam Stabilizer: Foam flooding is a new oil recovery technology that is being applied in major oil fields.
28. Fabric detergent: A new type, green fabric detergent can be prepared by cationic modification of attapulgite, which is used in textile pretreatment.
29. Heavy metal detection electrode material
30. Soil remediation materials
31. Sewage treatment: Attapulgite has strong adsorption, which can be used for water purification and sewage treatment, and the effect is good.
32. Organic pollutant adsorption material: Attapulgite is widely used for the adsorption and removal of cationic organic pollutants.
33. Functional colloid material.
34. Antibacterial materials: Attapulgite has good adsorption and ion exchange performance, and can be used as a carrier for antibacterial materials.
35. Composite super absorbent resin.
36. Composite three-dimensional network adsorbent.
37. Nano composite film: Attapulgite can not only improve the mechanical properties of the composite film, but also significantly improve the water resistance of the composite film.
38. Attapulgite / rubber composite material.
39. Attapulgite / plastic composite material.
40. Attapulgite / polymer biomedical materials: Research on attapulgite / polymer biomedical materials has attracted widespread attention.
41. Attapulgite / polymer intelligent response material: Attapulgite can also be used to improve the performance of shape memory polymers.
42. Attapulgite superhydrophobic coating: The performance of superhydrophobic coating made from attapulgite is better than clay minerals such as sodium montmorillonite, hectorite, halloysite and sepiolite.
43, environmental catalytic materials: In addition to atmospheric environmental pollutants, attapulgite-based catalysts are also widely used in the catalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water.
44. Flame retardant materials: Attapulgite has a good aspect ratio and rich internal channels. It is both a good reinforcing material and a flame retardant. It loses structural water at high temperatures and generates water vapor, which can block oxygen.
45. Zeolite molecular sieve: Al, Fe, and Mg in attapulgite are partially present in the molecular sieve framework, which gives the molecular sieve excellent catalytic activity.
The above is a summary of 45 functions and uses of attapulgite. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of attapulgite powder mill equipment. It prepares fine powder. You are welcome to choose superfine powder mill equipment and grinding process. Advanced, the production line process is scientific and reasonable, let's look at its advantages and specific principles.

Attapulgite micro pulverizer machine advantages

Ultra-fine powder mill is a device for grinding fine powder, which can assist the production of attapulgite fine powder. The milling machine has a scientific processing process, and the mill has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, milling, and impacting. The fineness of the mill can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh.
Processing process: the material passes through the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the grinding and grinding are achieved by the grinding roller. The four layers are pulverized twice, three times, and four times. Therefore, the materials are sufficiently pulverized and ground, and the fineness of the obtained product is fine. The crushed powder falls on the chassis due to gravity, and is blown to the classifier above the host under the action of the air blower for screening. If the fineness is too coarse, it still falls into the host and is reground. The wind flows into the pulse dust collector, and is collected and discharged through the discharge valve to be the finished product.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd ore deep processing grinding equipment-HGM series superfine ring roller mill
[Production capacity]: 1-22t / h
[Finished product fineness]: 0.04-0.005mm
[Product Features]: It integrates comprehensive crushing performance such as rolling, milling, impact, scientific and reasonable design, and innovative structure. It is an energy-saving and consumption-reducing device in the field of calcium carbonate ultra-fine processing, and is very popular in the field of ultra-fine milling.
[Focus]: Focus on the grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals such as attapulgite, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of pulverizer equipment. Attapulgite has a huge market prospect. For grinding attapulgite, Clirik professional pulverizer equipment can be used to increase production and reduce consumption. The milling process supplied by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is scientific in terms of processing technology, high milling efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction. Welcome to call us for details of superfine mill, vertical mill, Raymond mill, contact information: 86-13917147829 / + 86-18001642498
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