Clirik Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black Micronizer


Tyre pyrolysis carbon black micronizer is used for processing N550 N660 N774 carbon black powder from waste tyres.

Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black micronizer
Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black Micronizer

Crude carbon black after tire pyrolysis is a black powdery solid substance that needs to be transported and stored in a closed environment. Carbon black itself can be reused, but if it is not properly treated, it will easily cause secondary pollution and waste of resources.
Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black

There are currently several types of carbon black treatment:

1. Direct sale. Low profits and poor sales.
2. Add clay and water and put it into a block machine to make carbon blocks for combustion, but this treatment has low added value.
3. The carbon black is further processed into semi-reinforced carbon blacks such as N550, N660, and N774, which are processed in a closed carbon black processing system, avoiding any possibility of secondary pollution, and greatly increasing the added value of the final product. , Higher profits, the price of finished carbon black are more than 3,000 yuan / ton.

Product and application of carbon black processor:

The carbon black processing machine is to improve the carbon black in tires by means of fine processing, so that it becomes a semi-reinforced carbon black N550, N660 and N774 which can be used in tire manufacturing and rubber product manufacturing.

Carbon black process

1. Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis equipment. Under the action of high temperature and catalyst, the crude carbon black is pyrolyzed in the form of negative pressure, and some of the corresponding ash is neutralized.
2. Iron removal: Automatic iron removal. Separate iron wire mixed in coarse carbon black during carbon black transportation
3. Grinding: Carbon black micronizer. Through this set of equipment, the crude carbon black obtained from pyrolysis can be processed into ultra-fine carbon black that can be improved.
4. Carbon black improvement: Auxiliary mixer. Add the modified fine carbon black through the mixer to the modification assistant (powder) to achieve the various indexes of the finished carbon black
5. Carbon black granulation: Wet granulator. The good fine carbon black is made into carbon black particles with uniform particle size.
6. Drying: Dryer. Thoroughly dry granulated carbon black
7. Carbon black conveying: Pneumatic conveying equipment. The carbon black powder is quickly and hermetically conveyed through the pressure feed bins, and the gas transmission is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.
8. Finished product packaging.

Carbon black products and uses:

N550 is suitable for natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers. It is easy to disperse, can give rubber a high stiffness, fast extrusion speed, small mouth expansion, and smooth extrusion surface. The vulcanizate has good high temperature performance and thermal conductivity, and also has better reinforcement performance, elasticity and resilience. Mainly used in tire cord rubber, sidewall, inner tube and extruded and calendered products.

N660 This product is suitable for various rubbers. Compared with semi-reinforced carbon black, it has a high structure, finer particles, and is easily dispersed in the rubber. High, but small deformation, low heat generation, good elasticity and resistance to flexion. Mainly used in tire curtain tape, inner tube, bicycle, hose, tape, cable, footwear and calendered products, model products, etc.

N774 This product is suitable for various rubbers. This product has abrasion resistance, tear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and oil resistance. It belongs to low pollution, low set extension and semi-reinforcing carbon black. Its characteristics are that it can be filled in large quantities, and the rubber has good processing performance. The carbon black imparts high elongation, low heat generation, high elasticity and good aging resistance to the rubber, increases the processing fluidity of the rubber, improves the adhesion effect of the product with other materials, and improves the appearance quality of the product. Belts or plies for tires, inner tubes, bicycle tires, hoses, tapes, cables, footwear and calendered products, model products, natural rubber, neoprene, butadiene rubber products, which have both reinforcing and filling functions .

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