Announcements for the use of stone micronizer


The stone micronizer is a machine that is used frequently in the mining of ore, but many users are not paying attention to the right use of maintenance methods In the process of using a stone micronizer, making the equipment has all kinds of problems early, they even had to shut down and maintenance. This way not only affect the orderly operation of the stone material, but also shorten the service life of the equipment. So, today we will give you a brief introduction about the use of a stone micronizer. 
stone micronizer
1.In the feed of the stone micronizer, prevent the gold property material entering the feed port and guarantee the uniform feed speed are better. Because if the raw material contains gold property material, it can cause a lot of damage to the stone micronizer, even make the device is not working properly. The uniform feed rate and feed speed can keep the stone micronizer in continuous production to prevent overloading of the equipment. Therefore, this extends the service life of the device. 
2.Keeping the stone micronizer to Lubricate and maintain in time. Because the internal lubricant will reduce the original lubrication effect after stone micronizer being used for a period of time. And in stone crushing work, If the loss of clastic fall down and deposite in a lubricant, it also aggravates the wear and tear of the part of the stone micronizer. Therefore, the lubricating points of the stone mill are regularly changed and added, and the bearings are cleaned regularly are the important link to ensure the long-term efficient operation of the stone micronizer. 
3.Prevent the internal temperature of the equipment from being too high in the stone crushing operation. In the case of a stone mill, the device produces a lot of heat because of the long friction, If the heat accumulates inside the stone micronizer rather than go out in time, it will cause a lot of damage to the equipment. So, we must always pay attention to the internal temperature of the equipment when using a stone micronizer, once the machine internal temperature is found too hot, it should be stopped and checked in time and wait for every part of the machine is normal, then do the shredding. 
4.Do well the preventive maintenance of the stone mill. Due to the bad environment of the shredding operation, the material has a stronger impact wear on the equipment, it need us to check all parts of the screw bolts regularly in the process of device use and prevent loose shedding phenomenon, this is also an important detail to ensure the long-term operation of the stone micronizer
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