The characteristics of the operation of limestone micronizer


The limestone micronizer is used to process the grinding of mineral resources such as limestone, calcite and marble. The powder usually used in construction and paper industry, in food industry it can be used as additive. In the mill powder production, the processing technology of the equipment reflects the ability of the manufacturer and the return on investment of the user. So let's take a look at the characteristics of the operation of the clirik limestone micronizer. 
Limestone micronizer


1.full load starting. 
The load of the limestone micronizer is basically constant during normal operation, the effect on the load of equipment is smaller, even if the feed is not evenly distributed. So the equipment can start feed after the machine is started. However, due to the possibility of a power failure during the operation of the device, the restart will need to be fully loaded, so just in case, it's best to keep the limestone micronizer on a full load. 
2.Sealing strong.
Because of the limestone micronizer adopt the special rolling bearing as the supporting structure of the cylinder, and it is a new type of micronizer equipment designed according to the new idea. The sealing structure of the limestone micronizer is excellent, and its systematically solved the life and adjustment problems of the overloading rolling bearing, which is used to replace the sliding bearing, and also solved the sealing problem of severe environmental conditions, the problem of tube movement caused by long working hours, etc. 
3.The secondary ground powder can be achieved. 
The material under the effect of centrifugal force dispersed around the circle, and falling into the ring inside of the ring, which is impacted and rolled and grinded by the rings, and turned into powder by the processing of three layers of the ring, the high-pressure air blower will pump the outside air into the machine and bring the limestone powder into the classifier. After grading the qualified product, the fine powder that meets the requirement is entered the cyclone powder collector with air flow, and the discharge valve in the lower part of it is discharged as the final limestone powder, the coarse grain is then returned back to the micronizer through the combined feeder and will continue to undergo secondary grinding. Until it is qualified. 
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