Will the Output of Micronizer be Influenced By the Weathers?


It is known to us that, there are many factors that will influence the output of Micronizer, for example, hardness, humidity, viscosity of raw materials, texture of parts, manufacturing configuration and so on. Will the weathers influence the output of Micronizer?

There is an old saying, plant the seed in the spring and harvest the fruits in Autumn, also suits for the industrial stone powder processing. As the temperature is not too high in Spring and Autumn, Micronizer will work normally and high efficiently. While in summer, it is the hot season. Overheated grinding room will be easy to damage the Micronizer part; while in winter, low temperature will add the warm up time, which will lower the working output and efficiency.

Apart from temperature, the rainy days will also influence the output of Micronizer in Summer and Spring. There are many rainy days while autumn and winter are dried. Micronizer has strict requirements for the viscosity of raw materials which should not over 6%. In summer, the rain volume is higher than Autumn. In different season, the maintenance should pay attention to a different aspect.


From above we can see that the in Autumn the output of Micronizer is higher than any other seasons. In Autumn, the weather is dried. Raw materials are in low viscosity, which can be easily crushed. Then it has a comfortable temperature. Micronizer is in the sound working condition, which can guarantee its long and stable production. The environment decides the failure, low failure means high production efficiency.

It is Autumn in China, what is the season in your country? In the golden season, Micronizer is in high efficiency and output. Here I want to remind you notice the weather and avoid dust. Actually, micro powder made in Clirik is equipped with filter bags and so on. If you are interested welcome to inquiry us. Thank you. 

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