Which kind of micronizer is suitable for processing fluorite?


Fluorite can also be called fluorite, which contains many impurities. The color is very bright. There are blue, green, colorless or purple, etc. Some fluorite can also emit fluorescence. With the rapid development of economy, the application of fluorite The amount is also very large. In order to expand the application range of fluorite, the fluorite can be milled. The application range of fluorite after grinding will be very large, but now the equipment for grinding fluorite is very Most of them, which micronizer grinding mill equipment should be selected, the following Shanghai Collierk will introduce the production equipment of several ultra-fine grinding machines commonly used in fluorite.

1. Superfine micronizer mill

The surperfine micronizer mill is mainly used for the grinding of non-metallic ores, such as fluorite. The equipment has a very good grinding effect on fluorite. The reason is that it has the following unique advantages.

a, the set performance is very strong, from the beginning of grinding fluorite to the post-fluorite powder packaging, ultra-fine micronizer mill can be completed independently, without the need for other equipment, and the effect is very good.

b. The sealing performance is good, the pollution in the grinding process is reduced, the equipment operation is more stable, the micronizer milling efficiency is still very high, and the construction progress is accelerated.

c. All components are made of good materials and new process manufacturing, which improves the overall wear resistance of the equipment, reduces the number of repairs of parts and reduces operating costs.
superfine micronizer mill

2. High pressure micronizer grinding mill

The high-pressure microner grinding mill is mainly composed of a main engine, a blower, an ultra-fineness analyzer, a finished cyclone powder collector, a bag filter and a connecting duct pipe. The grinding effect of the fluorite is also very significant, and has the following advantages.

a. The output is very high. Compared with other equipments, the output of the equipment can be increased by 800-1200kg under the same fineness of finished products, and the economic benefits of customers are also greatly improved.

b. When the energy saving and consumption reduction effect is good, and the output and fineness are the same, the energy saving of the whole system of the equipment is about 20%, which saves the capital for the customer to a certain extent.

c. The feed particle size is large, the amount of fluorite treatment is also increased, the discharge particle size is very uniform, and the obtained fluorite finished product particle size can fully satisfy the customer's demand.
high pressure micronizer grinding mill

3. Three rings micronizer grinding mill

The three rings micronizer grinding mill is mainly used for the ultra-fine powder processing of fluorite. The obtained fluorite is very fine in particle size and has many advantages. See below for details.

a. All wearing parts are processed by high-quality materials at home and abroad. The wear parts are processed with special hard wear-resistant materials, and the service life is more than twice that of ordinary micronizer mills.

b. Environmental protection and pollution-free, equipped with high-efficiency pulse dust collector and silencer, which reduces noise and dust pollution, and works in full accordance with the environmental standards set by the state, and truly plays an environmental protection role.

c. There are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding chamber, so there is no phenomenon that the equipment can not operate normally due to bearing problems or loose bolts.

The above-mentioned fluorite grinding equipment is produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company, and the quality and performance of the equipment are very good. In addition, fluorite grinding can also use other grinding equipment produced by our company. The grinding effect is also very good, and the types and models of the equipment are very complete, and the customer can select the appropriate type and model of equipment according to the actual situation.

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