Should we choose ultra fine micronizer or Raymond micronizer for processing fly ash?


Many customers will encounter such problems. Which machine is suitable for their own use?  Today, we analyze the Raymond micronizer and the ultra fine micronizer, which is better for processing fly ash?

ultra fine micronizer
Ultra Fine Micronizer

High pressure Raymond micronizer
High Pressure Raymond Micronizer

Fly ash is fine ash collected from the flue gas after coal combustion. The fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. Fly ash is the industrial waste residue with a large displacement in China. With the development of the power industry, the amount of fly ash discharged from coal-fired power plants has increased year by year. If a large amount of fly ash is not treated, it will generate dust and pollute the atmosphere; if it is discharged into the water system, it will cause siltation of the river, and the toxic chemicals in it will cause harm to human body and organisms. But, fly ash can be used as a blend of concrete. Use good mill equipment to allow fly ash to be reused without damaging the environment. 

So how do you choose a fly ash micronizer? Is it ultra-fine micronizer or high-pressure Raymond micronizer?

The ultra fine micronizer and high pressure Raymond micronizer are in terms of product fineness and yield. The fineness of the ultra-fine grinding products can reach 200-2500 mesh, and the output is about 12 tons per hour, while the high-pressure Raymond grinding only It can reach 450 mesh, but the output can reach about 20 tons per hour, compared to individual demand. So the difference between the performance of the ultra-fine mill and the high-pressure suspension roller mill, then how to choose fly ash? In general, fly ash processing is more than 325. However, if the output requirement is higher, the high-pressure Raymond mill can be selected, and our Shanghai Colirick model HGM125 ultra-fine grinding can reach 18 tons per hour. If you have high requirements, you can choose ultra-fine grinding, and the output will not be too different.
Of course, in the process of selection, you may need to consider other issues. You can directly choose our Shanghai CLIRIK customer service staff, they will take the initiative to answer your questions, or call our hotline 008618001642498. 
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