What is the production process of talcum powder?


The powdered talc has many uses, such as refractory materials, papermaking, rubber fillers, pesticide absorbents, leather coatings, cosmetic materials and engraving materials. Talc has a Mohs hardness of 1, which is naturally crushable and has good grindability. So how to make talcum powder? How is the process?

talc powder production plant
Talc powder production plant-Raymond Mill
At present, the main processing method of talc powder processing in my country is dry processing. From talc block selection to coarse crushing, after drying and medium crushing, fine grinding is performed. The equipment involved mainly includes Raymond mill, Jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, powder separator and other equipment. The main raw materials of talc powder are limestone, calcite and other ore materials. You can use a crusher (jaw crusher + counterattack crusher) to crush calcite and other materials to about 10mm, and use a Raymond mill to feed the materials into the mill. At the same time, the powder separator can perform powder selection processing on the particles of the finished product, and the finished raw materials that meet the requirements are directly packaged into the warehouse, and the non-compliant raw materials will be returned to the mill for further processing, thereby improving the utilization rate and production efficiency of materials.
talc powder processing machine-ultrafine mill
Talc powder processing machine-Ultrafine Mill
There are two kinds of powder production process. In the dry production process, the talc, limestone, calcite and other ore materials transported from the quarry are coarsely powdered and crushed by a crusher, and then a certain amount of fine powder is obtained by using Raymond grinding powder. Then use a classifier to classify the mill powder. The powder that meets the particle size requirements will be packaged and stored as a product, and the non-compliant materials will be returned to the mill for re-milling. The wet production process first makes the fine powder into The suspension is placed in a mill for further pulverization, dehydrated and dried to obtain superfine heavy calcium carbonate.
In terms of price and performance, it has always been the focus of customers’ attention. Mill manufacturers must not only pay attention to how to reduce production costs, but also think about how to meet the increasing needs of users. This determines the future development direction of the mill.
At present, dry processing is the main processing method for talc powder processing. Based on the natural crushability and grindability of talc, the talc processing equipment used is mainly Raymond machine, mechanical impact mill, and superfine grinding. It is the main processing equipment for producing 200 mesh, 325 mesh and 500-1250 mesh talcum powder. The dry production process of talc powder is from the selection of talc blocks to coarse crushing. After drying and medium crushing, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding are carried out. If an ultra-fine grinding talc powder mill is used, it is produced Talc powder can reach the fineness of 300-3000 mesh.
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