What is Mohs hardness?


What is Mohs hardness? Mohs hardness is mainly used to describe the hardness of the ore. Usually, the method is to use a pyramid-shaped diamond drill to describe the surface of the mineral to produce scratches, and the depth of the measured scratch is used to express the hardness. Different types of milling equipment have strict regulations on the Mohs hardness of the ore. According to the test, the Mohs hardness of the ultrafine mill is not more than 6, which means that once the ground material exceeds this range, the ultrafine The output and fineness of the mill will be greatly reduced, and the equipment will also be damaged to some extent. Therefore, the material that the user needs to process must know the Mohs hardness of the material, so when selecting the equipment, it is necessary to consult whether the grinding equipment can process the ore material and prevent the purchased equipment from being limited by the hardness. The output is low and cannot meet the needs of users. So how do you use a simple method to measure the Mohs hardness of a stone? According to the user's needs, Collierk has listed a Mohs hardness reference table. Users can compare the materials and see which part of the stone belongs to the approximate Mohs hardness.

Level  Mineral Reference
Level 1 talc, graphite none
Level 2 plaster nails
Level 3 Calcite  Copper Coin
Level 4 fluorite nail
Level 5 apatite glass
Level 6 feldspar knife
Level 7 quartz steel knife
Level 8 topaz sandpaper
Level 9 corundum none
Level 10 Diamond  none

This is just a simple ore Mohs hardness comparison table. By comparing the materials on the table, the user can roughly estimate the hardness grade of the ore. If more detailed calculations are needed, more sophisticated instruments are needed for measurement. The impact of the hardness of the ore on the mill is still relatively obvious. Generally, as the hardness of the ore material increases, the output also gradually decreases.

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