what can affect the efficiency of micronizer mill


The material grinded by micronizer mill in the process of super fine crushing is a very important issue, it determines the size of the cost in the process of micronizing and grinding efficiency and grinding of the final product quality.

From the efficiency of micronizer mill into consideration, in the process of grinding, medium density determines the strength of the shock effect. In general, medium density is larger, the stronger the grinding capacity, grinding efficiency is higher. For example in micronizer mill using zirconia ball compared with using alumina ball and glass ball, grinding ability more than a few times.

The processing cost into consideration, medium wear and breakage failure will cause loss of medium, will increase the cost of micronizer mill. In the chemical industry, fine ceramics and non-metallic mineral industry in material such as alumina, zirconia, glass, the medium should be selected according to the ground material value and medium price comprehensive, crushing the purity of the product should also be considered.

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