we supply high quality micronizer mill


The key to this process of coating processing is the micronizer mill, which promotes  the degree of development of the coatings industry to more exquisite, also can promote the development of the coatings industry in the modern society, Clirik machinery co., LTD., specialized in the production of micronizer mill, high efficiency and energy saving environmental cleaning, and adjustable high production of micronization equipment, the fineness of finished product material and can be adjusted to control the production, processing and coating industry is your best choice.

Most natural pigments are a variety of broken minerals and natural material, and then grinded by micronizer  mill and other processing machinery, fine powder is processed again to get the paint raw materials, with fewer resources, the natural pigment production under control. After chemical synthesis of inorganic pigments including all kinds of metal oxides, such as chromate, carbonate, sulfate, and sulfide, such as aluminum powder, copper powder, carbon black, titanium white and white all belong to the category of inorganic pigment. Inorganic pigments are widely used in coatings, plastics, synthetic fiber, rubber, building materials, cultural and educational supplies, paint, ink, paper and other fields, is the largest and the widely used application in coatings industry paint.

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