what are the misunderstandings about productivity of the stone micronizer?


We judgment is the stone micronizer production capacity’s simple way is to see how much time per unit of material processing. Of course, while focusing on production, we cannot ignore stone micronizer quality.

According to the working principle and the specific production practice of the stone micronizer, there are several factors that affect its production. The greater the hardness of the material processing more difficult, stone micronizer’s production rate slower, the yield naturally lower.

stone micronizer

The moisture content of the material will also affect the production of the stone micronizer, if the water is too large, easy to adhere to the material inside the stone micronizer, plug its operation, reducing the productivity of the stone micronizer.

Finally, we are in the production of stone micronizer, often mistaken the material of the finer, the more easy to wear. In fact, these fine powder easy adhesion affect the delivery, and are not conducive to the increase of the stone micronizer’s production. If the material is fine. We need to filter out the fine powder material.

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