Bangladesh customers come to Shanghai clirik inspection HGM Micronizer machine


As you can see the picture, Shanghai clirik ushered in two customers from the Bangladesh state to my company to visit HGM Micronizer machine equipment, the two customers to visit HGM micronizer machine is mainly for processing talc and limestone, The fineness of the two materials required between 200-400 mesh, the output requirements of about 2 tons per hour. In addition, the customer also has an additional requirement is to buy a cost-effective equipment, requiring the simultaneous processing of talc and limestone two materials.

micronizer machine

According to the general needs of customers, the Ministry of Foreign Trade Manager Lin told the customer is recommended HGM80 models of micronizer machine,the model of micronizer machine is particularly applicable to talc and limestone and other materials more than 100 kinds of grinding,but also has a high efficiency and low consumption, Wearing parts long life, high security and reliability, product fineness high, stable performance, environmental cleaning and other characteristics, is a cost-effective grinding equipment.Moreover, manager Li also based on whether customers can only buy a device to meet the needs of two kinds of materials production and processing to give customers a detailed introduction, and finally, the customer said that very satisfied for the performance and reasonable prices of the micronizer machine.

Customers said they are beginning to invest in a small stone powder processing plant now , the first to buy a HGM80 micronizer machine in my company,but the second half of next year will continue to invest in a large stone powder factory,when the hope is also able to my company to cooperate.Of course, we are very welcome.

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