well-known advanced micronizer


High pressure roller micronizer is essentially different with the traditional micronizing technology, the first difference is that the high pressure roller micronizer on the implementation of quasi static pressure, relative impact crushing way to save the energy consumption by 30%, the second difference is that the high pressure roller micronizer is a layer of micronizing on the material, is the interaction between the material and the material micronizing, so wearing parts wear decreased significantly. Because of these two fundamentally different, high pressure roller micronizer stand out more.

At present, the high pressure roller micronizer is used in nonferrous mine, typical of oxidized pellets  micronization equipment, is the world's recognized advanced micronization equipment, and around the world get the rapid popularization and application. Its main characteristic is the unit grinding low energy consumption, high production efficiency, can deal with high water content material, can improve the activities of product grade and recovery rate, covers an area of less, save land investment, good production environment.

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