how to choose grinding agent in the micronization process


Micronizer, in the micronization process of material, the slurry viscosity is an important parameter of impact crushing effect. Experimental results show that when the viscosity is more than 10 cp, the collisions between the dielectric strength significantly reduced, adverse to the super fine crushing. When ultra-fine grinding material particle size was 1.0 ~ 10 um, as the material particles increase specific surface area, surface charge, slurry viscosity, adhesion and reunion phenomenon, often impact the crushing effect. In order to solve this problem, add grinding agent is an effective solution.

Grinding agent can change the performance of the solid surface, reduce the viscosity of slurry, strengthen the micronization process. Used for super fine crushing and grinding aid a wide range of different function, even the same type of grinding agent also has a series of products. Commonly used grinding agent polyacrylic acid, polyacrylic acid salt, triethanolamine, oleic acid, stearic acid salt, etc. So, how should choose appropriate grinding agent?

In the actual production application, should select the appropriate type and quantity according to the raw materials, water quality, micronization process and requirements to achieve the purpose of the factors to, in order to exert maximum efficiency of grinding agent, improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs.

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