Three Functions of Lubricating Oil to Limestone Micronizer


In order to ensure successful production and prolong the service life of roller and main shaft in the working process of limestone micronizer, we should add lubricating oil to it, which is the necessary maintenance operation in the mineral production equipment. Actually, apart from lubricating function, the lubricating oil has other functions. Here I would like to analyze three functions of lubricating oil to limestone micronizer.

The first one is the lubricating and control wearing. That is to say, in the production process of limestone micronizer, we could add some lubricating oil into the wearing part to decrease the wearing degree in the production, because the lubricating oil will originated into oil slick in the surface, which can enlarge the distance between the parts to reduce the wear.
Secondly, to control the temperature. It means the temperature of machine will go up for the long time working, at that time, we can add lubricating oil to take away the heat, which can lower the temperature and further control the limestone micronizer temperature.
Thirdly, antiseptic and rust protection. It means it will create a cluster of oil slick, which can achieve the aim of antiseptic and rust protection. When the limestone micronizer does not work, lubricating oil exist in the surface of machine, which can prevent the polluted air from invading.

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