The Reason of Spindle Fracture of Grinding Mill


The grinding roller, grinding ring and spindle is the core of grinding mill, but same time is the vulnerable part, so if we do not pay attention to the maintain of grinding mill it will lead to a serious consequences. Especially the spindle fracture will cause shutdown, the yield loss will can not be estimated, and if the spindle is broken during the working hours, it will threat the safety of the staff first. What is the cause of spindle break?

There are several problems can cause the spindle break:
1. because of the working characteristics of the grinding mill, a long-term impact by the materials will make the grinding mill wear and tear.
2. And then if you feed to much materials for the grinding mill, it will lead to the machine overload.
3. Finally during the process of ore exploit and transport, always mixed with some of the waste metal, so in the materials processing it will cause the machine wear.

grinding mill

Therefore, in our daily production process, we must pay attention to the working status of the grinding mill, in the working hours of the machine if you find any problems, please check the machine right now and repairing in time. Shanghai Clirik Machinery CO.Ltd., has excellent after-sales team and perfect after-sale service system, and if you have any questions when using our grinding mill, please contact us as soon as possible.

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