The advantage of micronizer machine on purpose


Solid materials under the action of external force, overcome material cohesion, small particles of large particle breaking into process known as crushing. Material crushing are done by micronizer machine, grinding with the purpose of the following.

1. The homogenization
As the crushing, the material of the total surface area increased. So big state of granular material cracked into fine powder, so can make several different solid materials (mainly is a mixture of different chemical composition), get good uniform effect.

2. The dressing (dissociation)
Increasing with the development and utilization of mineral resources, ore grade is reduced, in order to get undressed ore of effective components, need a lot of ore after beneficiation process to use. And more and more difficult to choose ore in selected ore, useful component with impurities in the ore closely together, in order to make effective in the ore into decomposition, only to be fully shattered, after dressing can separate the useful ingredients with impurities, and eliminate impurities, get a pure concentrate. , thanks to the development of industrial ore comprehensive recycling elements, more and more, the ore crushing requirements and more specific, on the requirement of the grinding machine is also higher.

3. The sizing
In industrial production, the production technology of the specific requirements, of solid materials have a strict size requirement, crushing machinery must meet the product particle size. In the metallurgical industry, the different methods of smelting of ore particle size requirements are different.

4. Increase the specific surface area of the material
Than the surface area of the unit mass or volume is the surface material, material particle size, the smaller the specific surface area is larger. Specific surface area increased material can make the material with the increase of contact area, the surrounding media and reaction speed. Contact reaction of catalysts, for example, combustion and gasification of solid fuel, material, adsorption, and the dissolution of dry, and the use of powder particles in fluidized bed in chemical industry of large contact area to strengthen mass transfer and heat transfer, etc. The final product in the cement industry, cement clinker with gypsum ground to a powder, grinding particle size is fine, its was greater than the surface, the higher the grade of cement.

Micronizer machine with modern industrial development, the new material of hair, need grinding material is very thin (below 10 microns). In order to meet the fine ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, catalysts and other emerging industrial needs. Currently used superfine mill with high speed impact mill, jet mill, vibration grinding, etc., in order to achieve the product particle size, some mill (e.g., vibration grinding) designed to closed-circuit circulation system. Re-auctioning particle surface modification of ultrafine particles after processing, changed the original particle properties need to adapt to the process, such as electrostatic powder spraying with enamel.

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