Micronizer machine has a bright future


Micronizer machine technology is a new technology developed in recent 20 years the international. At present, food processing, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and the added value of products has become the consensus of the society and enterprises, superfine grinding, as a kind of new and high technology, technology in food processing has a broad prospect in application.

Micronizer machine technology refers to the use of machinery or hydrodynamic method to overcome the solid internal cohesion broken, which will be more than 3 mm of material particles crush to 10 to 25 microns, operation technology, since the 1970 s, is in order to adapt to the development of modern high and new technology and produce a kind of material processing and high and new technology. 

Micronizer machine technology is developed in recent decades in the world of a new technology. It has been successfully used in chemical industry, medicine, machinery and many other industries. Especially the mode of vibration of superfine grinding products, with a fine granularity, the products have no portion, all closed production process, no pollution, the advantages of without loss of nutrients, especially suitable for special strict with health quality and sensory quality of the food industry.

Ultra micro powder is the final product of superfine grinding, has the general particles have no special physical and chemical properties, such as good solubility, dispersion, adsorption, chemical reactivity, etc. So ultra micro powder has been widely used in food, chemical industry, medicine, cosmetics, pesticide, dye, paint, electronics and aerospace and many other fields.

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