Micronizer Mill used more widely


Rapid economic development, businesses are undergoing systemic changes, the powder industry is growing rapidly and changed dramatically. All sectors increasing demands for fine powder, development micronizer mill industry can not be ignored. micronizer mill for stone processing is the common and widely used.
Stone micronizer mill is Clirik accumulated many years of experience producing successful development of a new ultra-fine grinding equipment, it has a comprehensive mechanical properties of roll grinding, milling, impact, etc., it is widely used talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite , feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon and other Mohs hardness 7 or less, various non-metallic mineral ultrafine grinding humidity less than 6 percent, is a truly efficient, energy-saving, especially for non-metallic deep processing of mineral ultrafine grinding equipment. micronizer mill small footprint, complete sets of strong, versatile, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, cost-effective compared to conventional micronizer mill with a fine particle size, low power consumption characteristics.
Currently micronizer mill application field is very wide, large grinding fineness of dedicated high yield glass fiber industry pyrophyllite powder; large private coal industry production powder gangue powder production; large yield powder for chemical industry, a variety of chemical raw materials production; all kinds of non-metallic minerals industry is low, the preparation of large-scale production of powder and high hardness of hundreds of ore; powder preparation of other large yield hundreds of trades a variety of materials.
In today's major manufacturers, Shanghai Clirik also developed the production of various types of micronizer mill, the series embodies the Clirik all engineers of effort and sweat, ore powder manufacturing sophisticated products,micronizer Pioneer is era mill industry.
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