Gypsum micronizer mill equipment technology and works


With the society development,businesses demand gypsum powder production is also increasing. At the same time the quality of gypsum powder requirements are increasing. Therefore, Shanghai Clirik continuous innovation in the development of the technology of gypsum micronizer mill. In modern industrial milling industry, gypsum powder processing industries account for a large proportion. It is widely used in construction, building materials and industrial molds,chemical industry, agriculture, food processing and medical cosmetology many fields. So, gypsum powder is an important industrial raw materials.
Our company's gypsum micronizer mill,mainly used in the production of construction and road and so on. Here are our company's gypsum micronizer mill production equipment process:
1, the filter feeding: Loader the dumps after a preliminary dumping ground gypsum powder into the shaker screening, by the belt conveyor into the raw materials warehouse.
2, calcining: gypsum powder flow can be adjusted by the disc feeder, with a screw conveyor transported to boiling furnace, the oil boiler to oil heating furnace after delivery to a boil as the main heat source calcined to produce high-temperature exhaust gas from the boiler as a secondary heat source. Fans of high-pressure air is supplied through the economizer heat exchanger fluidized bed furnace, in order to ensure the formation of gypsum powder in boiling uniform heating furnace, play a part off water of crystallization process, to achieve the desired physical indicators gypsum powder.
3, homogenized Storage: plaster calcined powder by lifting conveyor to semi-warehouse storage silo homogenization.
4, grinding bagging: The semi-finished products warehouse gypsum powder feeder control flow through the impeller into the crushing mill made to achieve the requirements of the product. Finally, bagging transport or into the warehouse.
Above all ,it is our company's gypsum micronizer mill processes and procedures. It avoids the high cost of conventional equipment with Raymond mill machines, high operating costs, the amount of maintenance, and many other shortcomings.Shanghai Clirik welcome you to visit our micronizer mill plant!
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