Installation and Maintenance about the Micronizer Mill


The care and maintenance about micronizer mil is an rather significant and ordinary work, which should be closely combined with its operation and overhaul and equipped with professional personnel on duty to supervise it.


The steps of installation and test
1.This facility should be installed in a horizontal concrete foundation with bolts to fix it .
2.We should pay attention to that the main unit must be vertical to the level line when installed.
3.Check whether bolts of each part are loose or not and whether the door of the main unit is close tightly, if no please do it.
4.Equipped the facility with power line and control switch according to the power configuration of it.
5.After inspection, test the mill in an empty load, if it is normal it can be put into production.

Daily maintenance of the machine
1.The bearing is loaded with the all load of the machine. Therefore, qualified lubrication is closely connected with the bearing lifetime, which directly influences the lifetime and operation ratio of the machine. In this aspect, the lubrication required to be injected should be clean and sound seal. The main oil filling parts are the rotation bearing, roll bearing, all the gear bearing and sliding plane.
2.The tire of the newly installed prone to loosening should be checked regularly.
3.Pay attention to whether each part of the machine is working normally or not.
4.Pay attention to check the wearing degree of the easy wear parts and replace them timely.
5.Chassis plane put movable unit need to been abolished dust lest the movable bearing can not work in the chassis and cause serious accidents if the material can not be crushed.
6.Once the temperature of the bearing oil rises, we should immediately stop to check and diminish it.
7.If the rotation gear makes a impact sound it should be immediately stop to  check and diminish the sound.

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