How to check if your micronizer machine is "lazy"?


In the utilization of mine resources, except for a small amount of minerals that cannot be processed by common equipment, 85% of the ore resources can be processed by the micronizer machine (or named ultra fine mill), and the physical state of the powder posture is used to attack the market. And get their own proprietary performance. Therefore, the production efficiency of the grinding operation is the focus of the manufacturer's production. Then, how to detect whether the ultra-fine grinding machine is "lazy"?

First, the detection of the operating rate, that is, the working time ratio of the ultra-fine mill:

It refers to the percentage of the actual working hours of the equipment in one month or one year. The operating rate of the ultra-fine mill reflects its technical status, and its level reflects the management level of the staff. In this way, it is also possible to expose and analyze the causes that affect the abnormal operation of the milling operation, and take effective improvement measures. Increasing the operating rate of the ultrafine mill equipment also increases the production capacity of the mill.

Second, production capacity:

The production capacity of the ultrafine mill includes the production capacity, the utilization factor, and the specific particle size utilization coefficient. Only when the equipment model, specification, ore properties, ore size and product size are the same as specified, the time production capacity of the ultrafine mill can be compared in a concise manner. The utilization factor can only reflect the ore properties and the various conditions of milling in a true way under the conditions of similar ore size and product particle size. The specific particle size utilization coefficient can reflect the working condition more realistically, and can compare the production capacity of different specifications, different feeding ore sizes and product granularity.

Third, the fineness and efficiency of milling:

The fineness of the finished product is another quality indicator for daily inspection in the production of ultra-fine mills. Milling fineness is usually screened by a "standard sieve" mesh sieve, and expressed by the percentage of the output through the sieve to the total amount of the product (ie, the sieve rate). The higher the sieve ratio, the finer the product, the qualified product. The more the output. The unit power consumption productivity can reflect the operation of the ultra-fine mill from the point of view of energy consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption can be linked to the productivity to evaluate the work of the equipment.

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