Ultrafine grinding machine processing calcite


Calcite belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. Its chemical composition is CaCO3. It is an important carbonate mineral. It has complete rhombohedral cleavage, glass luster, transparent to translucent, ordinary white or colorless, hardness 3.0, specific gravity 2.71. Soaked in dilute hydrochloric acid, it is pure and transparent, called Iceland Spar, with strong birefringence and complete cleavage. The main mineral of limestone, marble and beautiful stalactites is calcite.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out comprehensive and thorough technological innovations on various problems arising from the application of traditional mills based on the ultra-fine powder equipment processing technology that has been mastered for many years. When using the ultra-fine mill, we found that when the ultrafine grinding is used to process calcite mineral powder, the 325 mesh mineral powder contains a large amount of 10um ultrafine mineral powder. If it can be separated and expanded, it will be greatly improved. benefit.

Calcite is famous in the domestic market for its high whiteness and low acid insolubles. Therefore, the calcite processing industry is particularly important. The calcite stone blasted from the mountain is sent to the vibrating feeder through the dump truck. The vibrating feeder sends the stone uniformly into the coarse crusher, and the stone is broken and coarse. The broken bulk material is sent to the lower crusher for secondary crushing. The calcite crushed into fine particles, and then crushed by the ultra-fine mill, the stone is lifted to a fixed height by the hoist, and then processed into the main mill to obtain the finished fine powder, and the finished product is transported by the belt conveyor to the finished product.

Ultrafine grinding machine processing calcite

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