How much barite micronizer mill processing equipment


Ore processing factories all know that barite is a very important non-metallic mineral raw materials, there is a wide range of industrial uses. Although the barite economic value large .If Barite without effective treatment, it will pollute the atmosphere. So when purchasing barite micronizer mill processing equipment, to choose environmentally friendly equipment.
High Pressure Suspension Mill is the common barite micronizer mill, high pressure grinding mill Raymond compared with an increase of high pressure, to ensure the production, an increase in the life and stability of the grinding rolls . In high pressure hanging roller mill barite host, roller assembly by hanging on the cross arm shaft roller hanger, roller blade knife hanger with the spindle and a fixed connection, the pressure in the roller bearing spring pressure chamber the outer end surface of the cantilever to cross arm as a fulcrum to force the roller shaft firmly pressed against the surface of the inner circle grinding ring, when rotation of the spindle motor is driven by the drive device, mounted on the turret on the shovel blade and grinding roller synchronous rotation, At the same time in the mill grinding roller ring rolling circle around its own axis of rotation. Motor gear driven by the rotating machine analysis, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the powder subdivision elected. To ensure that the mill work in the vacuum state, the increase in air traffic over the trachea into the baghouse through the fan between the host, after being purified into the atmosphere.
How much money the Barite micronizer mill processing equipment? This is a problem when the user choose the micronizer mill. Shanghai Clirik accordance with customer specifications and production to process barite. barite production line,based on customer production site to configuration process, for customers to achieve the reasonable and economical micronizer mill equipment.
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