Bentonite micronizer mill models and prices


What is Bentonite?
Bentonite is a montmorillonite clay mineral water based, also called bentonite or bentonite rocks. Typically waxy, earthy or oil sheen, more natural bentonite mineral is light green, maroon and gray-black. After bentonite after processing can be used for foundry sand, drilling mud, metallurgical pellet, oil bleaching and so on. Bentonite processing the critical is what micronizer mill machine can process bentonite?
Bentonite can be used to remove toxins cooking oil, gasoline and kerosene purification, wastewater treatment; swelling because of its good performance and dispersed and suspended and mud, and therefore for the drilling mud, Flame retardant; can be done in the paper industry fillers can optimize coating properties such as adhesion, hiding power, water resistance, abrasion resistance, etc; because of its good adhesion, can be used instead of starch textile industry yarn sizing both saving food, not fluff, after the paddle is not an odd smell, really serve double, too.
Bentonite micronizer mill is a processing equipment, developed specifically for bentonite grinding equipment, grinding fineness, the output is high, the processing out of the powder through the sieve rate is very high, and the production of equipment models Clirik more variety, including HGM80, HGM125, and newly developed large HGM1680l model, sales of each model are very high in all regions of the country also have the customer site,  welcome the intention of customers to the company to inspect the test micronizer mill, Clirik staff will welcome the new and old customers to visit!
Shanghai Clirik bentonite processing equipment Mining Machinery Group is based on years of research on industrial grinding mill, the introduction of advanced industrial micronizer mill technology,micronizer machine technology by experts and engineers carefully designed, tested and improved, the development of ultra-fine mill equipment. The new large-scale bentonite micronizer mill but also to adapt to large-scale equipment, the development direction of green and intelligent set of production equipment. The micronizer mill to achieve a quantum leap in the scope of application, yield, fineness, energy consumption, and other aspects of life, micis an ideal alternative to the traditional mill.
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