Clirik becomes brilliant in micronizer mill


Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., LTD., with strong ability in the domestic first vertical superfine micronizer mill.

In the just-concluded Shanghai machinery exhibition, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., LTD as the only one to specializing in the production of large vertical superfine grinding equipment exhibition, after the meeting summary of comparison, clirik machine with ultra-high popularity every won the domestic historical popularity of superfine grinding equipment–micronizer mill, become the domestic professional leader in superfine grinding equipment–micronizer mill.

The exhibition Clirik vertical mill, including the latest research and development of very large HGM125 type vertical micronizer mill, the equipment has just put on the market less than half a year's time, has obtained the guizhou, jilin, shandong, hunan, hubei and other places dozens of sales order, broke through the large domestic ultra-fine vertical mill precedent. This equipment to leading technology, the design is easy to use, easy to maintain the advantage such as being at the fair machinery experts to give a high evaluation, especially in the performance, energy saving, environmental protection is occupied in the domestic leading position.

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