Application of micronizer machine grinding technology


The future development trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials is high purity, ultra-fine and functional, comprehensive development and utilization of various non-metallic minerals. Although high purity ultrafine powders can be prepared by chemical synthesis, they are too high and have not been used for industrial production.The main means to obtain ultrafine powder is still micronizer machine crushing, the ultrafine powder to rely on the ultra-fine grinding technology is increasing, the depth of its research endless.

Ultrafine grinding technology is a comprehensive synthesis of various technologies, and its development also depends on the progress of related technologies, such as high hard and high tough wear-resistant components of the processing, high-speed bearings.Therefore, development of micronizer machine technology should focus on a few aspects.

micronizer machine

The development of other equipment and micronizer machine matching. Ultra-fine grinding and sub-equipment combined with the closed-circuit technology, can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, to ensure qualified product size.It can be said that large processing capacity, high precision grading equipment is the key to the development of a micronizer machine grinding technology. In the existing equipment on the basis of improving, supporting and improve the classification equipment, product delivery equipment and other ancillary technology equipment.Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve the micronizer machine equipment.

Micronizer machine technology is an important part of powder engineering, including ultrafine grinding of powder raw materials, high precision grading and surface activity changes and so on. According to the size of raw materials and finished particles or particle size, crushing can be divided into coarse crushing, fine grinding, micro-comminution and ultra-fine grinding,It is worth noting that the industry due to the use of ultra-fine powder, preparation methods and technical differences, the size of the ultra-fine powder has a different division.

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