Which white cement micronizer mill is the best processing equipment


White cement is portland cement white short,when grinding cement allowed to join does not exceed 5% by weight of limestone cement. White cement ly decorative use, and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement. Mainly used to slit trench white porcelain pieces,it is generally not used for walls, because that strength is not high. Ring medium speed mill is used to process the white cement effective equipment.
White cement micronizer mill production process:
White cement is Portland cement clinker by adding white plaster,cement matrix with a micronizer mill grinding is a kind of cement,but more than ordinary portland cement grade high solidification fast. Its main feature is the amount of slag powder 85 to 90 percent, the amount of additives does not exceed 5%. Whiteness and strength made out of white cement mixed with not less than white cement raw materials, but also significantly improved early strength.
Micronizer mill white cement processing advantages:
1, the average working diameter up to 1300mm, the number increased to 44 mill rolls;
2, finished output can reach up to 12 tons per hour.
3, shape length * width * height reached: 14 * 9 * 10.25, bulky mass.
The latest type of micronizer mill equipment,machine vibration is very small, low noise, smooth mechanical operation and reliable performance. Obvious advantages, a significant increase in the number of grinding rollers, lower spindle speed, so that the substantial increase in production compared to the traditional mill.In the processing of gypsum powder production line to achieve 400 mesh all through,it is belongs to an industry first.
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