Whether is the mill working principle affected by the material moisture


Mill working principle is very simple, no matter what kind of ore for class material, as long as it is fragile, mohs hardness under nine grade or level 6 ore materials can be below the grinding process. General mill equipment is dry processing, but some material moisture content is higher under the condition of too large humidity, there will be certain difficulty in the processing . But for some material of high humidity, can do the processing after drying .

Moisture content is impact mill grinding performance of an important factor, the principle of different flour mill, the requirements of different water content of materials, the results show that the higher moisture content for the material grinding, grinding work best when moisture content is below 6%. Water content of flour mill work has so much influence, visible to the mill equipment production and performance is also a very big effect.

After understanding the situation. I believe you also is very clear to the operation of the mill, so before using flour mill and Raymond mill, must grasp the material moisture, make it within the range of flour milling machine for processing, only notice the detail problem, the correct using and operating of mill equipment, can make our mill play its proper quality, create a good value.

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