What are the configurations for stone micronizer processing calcite


Stone micronizer is used mainly for pulverized materials, at the time of production, the incoming material is required to satisfy mohs hardness less than 9, and the size of the stone micronizer is required for processing, at the time of processing, the different models of this machine can be used in the production line of different materials. The production configurations that need to be invested in different manufacturing processes are also different and require configuration based on the actual situation. 
Calcite is only one of the materials that can be processed by stone micronizer, it's the common material form of calcium carbonate, the distribution is quite extensive, not only for industrial production, but also for the pharmaceutical industry, there is great help in people's production and in life, so what are the necessary configurations for processing this material? 
stone micronizer
First of all, the materials that can be processed by stone micronizer, no matter which one, must be more than 20 mm in size, but the size of the original ore is larger, so in the production line, it need the crusher equipment to break the calcite, and then grind the mill by stone micronizer, which kind of crusher is chosen, mainly based on the situation of production. 
The second is that the broken calcite, which needs to be transported to the stone micronizer, it can be processed. So it needs a conveyer equipment — Belt conveyor and feeder machine in the process of work , the choice of these two machines also depends on the actual situation of the production and the type of the stone micronizer. 
And then in the process of grind calcite, the discharge of material after grinding by stone micronizer is directly expelled after finishing the finished product. It also needs to be used to clean up the exhaust, which is designed to be environmentally friendly. 
Shanghai clirik machinery co., LTD is mainly talking about the processing of stone micronizer on calcite, and what configurations are required. The configuration of the stone micronizer production process is very important to the overall production efficiency. 
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