there are high quality micronization equipment


Before 80s in China there were very little micronization equipment, and the products are mainly imported equipment. After the 80 s, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and organization of technical research, start researching and developing all kinds of fine micronization equipment and classification equipment. So far, micronization equipment manufacturers has amounted to more than dozens, and the equipment performance has reached the international advanced level. In recent years, there are dozens of patents every year. Along with the development of the ultrafine powder technology of ultrafine comminution technology put forward higher requirements, namely under the premise of meeting the product particle size requirement, as far as possible, improve the crushing efficiency. Therefore, appeared in last decade various kinds of new type of super fine crushing equipment.

Micronization equipment is a new type of patented products developed by the chief engineer who engaged in the micronization equipment for many years and on the basis of the research and development experience, combining with the actual situation of users using milling equipment for many years, according to the needs of the development of milling machine industry, which created a new era of international industrial milling efficiency, low energy consumption.

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