the rapid development of micronizer


By the rapid development of coal chemical industry in China, the structure adjustment, speeding up the pace and the technology innovation become the sustainable development power, but also face the heavy task of industry structure adjustment, high tech-import cost, if you want the micronizer for users to create a benefit , so you should start from the parts. In some coal micronizer project engineering,the mohs hardness magnitude is 7, a hard material, high speed of the grinding machine grinding roller and grinding ring continuously contact with these materials again and again in the process of grinding, increasing the temperature of the contact surface, therefore, the grinding roller and grinding ring must have enough toughness and hardness, clirik has professional foundry, supporting large-scale advanced smelting furnace, machining equipment, specializing in the production of grinding machine for the customer, Raymond micronizer equipment parts, wear parts, such as grinding roller and grinding ring, shovel knife, shovel head, all kinds of bearings, gland, gland nut, etc. Clirik has decades of experience in casting, has produced a number of strong technology and advanced management experience of professionals, including senior engineer, professional knowledge rich, and a large number of skilled technical workers. Our company produces the micronizer wear-resistant parts, such as roller grinding ring, high wear resistance, long service life. Only high pressure micronizer components are ready, the mill will bring benefits to the customers and manufacturers, and our company as a professional manufacturer, the quality of equipment is very strict, so the broad masses of customers to our factory production of micronizer can use, decided not to appear a little quality problem.

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