the features of self-circulation micronizer


1) the elastic deformation of the ore blocks before the brittle fracture are reversible, and plastic ore block is irreversible;

2) high pressure continuous action can in a relatively short time can produce a larger new surface area, micronizing efficiency; And medium voltage intermittent effect produce the same surface area new take longer;

3) the system potential energy, the newborn to the reciprocal transformation between surface energy and deformation can lead to cracks, healing, and the extension of instability phenomenon such as;

4) broken ore energy utilization ratio in high pressure under the action of high efficiency, it is more or less under the action of a medium voltage intermittent low;

5) since the cycle of micronizer tooth Angle of crushing performance and wear effect has important influence;

6) when the material porosity and the circulation of micronizer is inversely proportional to the material micronizing effect.
My company through repeatedly broken vanadium magnetite, platinum test, such as sulphide ore proves that the micronizing pressure, rotating speed of the roller is affect the circulation of micronizing crushing performance is an important factor. Therefore, we must give full consideration to both in the process of material micronizing effect of the broken material.

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