The brief introduction of micronizer machine


Strong fiber (ganoderma lucidum, astragalus root, etc.) high sugar, high viscosity, Chinese wolfberry, cultivated land, etc.)
Resin (frankincense, myrrh, etc.), strong toughness, antelope horn, tortoise shell, etc.)
Animal (scorpion, centipede, etc.) oil (almonds, fructus schisandrae, etc.)
1, all closed crushing process not hierarchical way (save) of components
2, effective compression crushing method (composite precision of bioavailability increase)
Sanqing powder machine characteristics and special performance
A, high grinding efficiency: for any fiber shape, high toughness, high hardness and water content is less than 6% of the material are adaptable, low energy consumption, low temperature, avoid high temperature oxidation, metamorphism and loss of effective ingredients and segregation. Crushing process all airtight no dust overflow, and fully improve the working environment.
B, crushing capability: 100% pieces with no residue. Suitable for dry and wet grinding, wet grinding can be added to the water, alcohol, or other solvents.
Suitable for center diameter of 150 mesh to 10000 mesh (1.3 microns) crushing requirements, using a special process can reach 1 ~ 0.1 microns. Of pollen and spores, such as class upon maturity of lingzhi only for breaking the cell wall material, the wall broken rate is higher than 95%.
C, GMP design: according to the GMP design, used to meet the requirements of the national drug and food standards of stainless steel, with polished stainless steel, material contact parts of circular arc excessive internal corner, fully enclosed operation without dust pollution and material loss.
D, easy operation, compact structure and reasonable cover an area of an area small, need not equipped with air compressor, pipelines and dust removal dust collecting device, connected to water and electricity can be put into operation. Removable assembly and refueling. Water, starch, alcohol, cleaning and disinfection; Equipped with compound sound insulation cover production of low noise.
E, simple operation, low labor intensity, easy to operate, easy to remove the cleaning and maintenance.
F, model complete, both suitable for industrialized production of large and medium-sized equipment, there are also suitable for small batch production or research of the small devices required.
G, scope of application: suitable for a greater difference between different breed characteristics, dynamic (plant), mineral medicine and (health) food raw materials, such as toughness, brittleness, high (low) hardness, and fiber content and high sugar content, oil content of the material.
H, appearance: fully enclosed stainless steel, brushed stainless steel plate production.
I, precision coating: for more than two and composite material particles of precision and strong homogeneous coating, high solid content and strong emulsification operation.
J, with good quality at low temperature, fresh herbs and animals living tissue pieces.
K, temperature controlled: grinding temperature can be controlled by adjusting the temperature and flow rate of cooling water. To the crush of low temperature and configuration lowest temperature 45 ℃ to – refrigeration system.
Other process application methods
A, the application in the cosmetics industry: through the sanqing after fine crushing cell wall-breaking, super short effective time, absorb more fully, more comprehensive medical effect, effect is more obvious. Also some fresh medications can be shattered after directly made into cosmetics.
Second, the application in the veterinary drug industry: sanqing micro powder technology is the effective implementation of the green veterinary medicine, veterinary drugs of traditional Chinese medicine after cell wall-breaking can effectively improve efficacy, reduce the cost, solve the drug residues, enhance security. Chinese medicine powder rapid dispersion and suspension in the water, the automatic water dispenser for livestock drinking normally, precipitation and effectively solve the drug problem caused by uneven dose effect.
The application of three, your fine material
Four, precision hybrid (to achieve better than + 1 ‰ evenness propertyrights and precision coating)
Fifth, for the influence of the molding (coating)
A) for tablets and capsules, to improve the dissolution rate and improve the bioavailability, To improve the appearance and particle concentration uniformity; Fiber flexibility, easy granulating, pelleting; Increase proportion of capsule, improve capsule filling quantity;
B) for soft capsules, medicines can improve mixing uniformity with the substrate, reduce the settlement; Due to improve the main grain size, so can reduce the dosage of matrix accordingly, reduce the cost; Authalic cylindrical particle, thixotropy, grain size distribution, compression crushing
C) for ointment, gel and other external preparation, medicines can improve mixing uniformity with the substrate; Improve the appearance of fine degrees; Particle size is reduced, facilitate the transdermal absorption, improve curative effect;

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