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Introduce of Activated carbon 
The main raw material of activated carbon can be al all carbon-rich organic materials, such as coal, wood, fruit shell, coconut shell, walnut shell, etc.These carbon materials in the activation furnace, by pyrolysis under high temperature and pressure is converted into activated carbon.In the activation process, large surface area and complicated pore structure gradually formed, and the adsorption process is conducted on the porosity and surface, the size of the pores in the activated carbon has the effect of selective adsorption to the adsorbate, this is because the large molecules cannot enter within the activated carbon pore size is smaller than its porosity.
Activated carbon micronizer mill
The application of activated carbon is very  widely ,particularly by adsorption things can only this, activated carbon can be applied flexibly in the market, its industry development, mainly in the decolorization of sugar, military gas mask, cigarette filter, air purifiers, water treatment, water plant radioactive element pollution, reduce pesticide residues in the soil, are being used in the field of indoor formaldehyde, vegetables and so on.
 Activated carbon Micronizer mill
And since the application ability of active carbon so strong, so it can be used in so many industries must make milling equipment in processing into powder, can only be called from various industry can be used on the market.Clirik machinery co., LTD. The production of various micronizer mill , stone micronizer, powder machine, fine micronizer, high-pressure grinder, ultrafine micronizer mill is high efficiency and energy saving of the milling equipment, processing is also very effective for activated carbon.

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