Micronizer mill structure and working principle:

This machine is mainly composed of host, fan, separator, powder, dust collector, such as parts, host internal divided into the crushing chamber, file room, fan room of three parts. When machine is working, the material from the inlet into the crushing chamber, the fixed on the spindle blade and casing impact between the lining and high gas injection shear crushing, after crushing of the material by plug file room classification into the fan room, waft of the rotor and the gravity of the score of material into the separator, the separator, grading again coarse material crushing chamber to smash again returned by the back feed nozzle, leads into the finished product by induced draft fan set powder bag packaging, afterwinds discharge by dusting powder wind.

Micronizer mill is applicated to:
This machine is widely used, mainly suitable for gypsum powder, talcum powder, phosphate rock powder, ceramic powder, zinc oxide, iron ore powder, aluminum, gold ore, alumina, yellow red lead, molybdenum powder, kaolin, diatomite and bentonite, iron oxide red, coal gangue, red sandstone, calcite, dolomite, coal tar powder, red clay powder, corundum, alkali, heavy, light calcium carbonate, boron glass, shells and bones, more than one hundred kinds of can crush materials such as wool powder processing. Note: the adjustment of the fineness, from the 400-1500 mesh (up to 2500 mesh) between the adjusted, but fineness increase will reduce production accordingly, please user flexibility. Material hardness is in commonly 6.5 the following, according to the material, it is advisable to 3-10% moisture content. Note: the higher the fineness, the lower the yield.