In recent years, ultrafine grinding mill also name stone micronizer has been applied in various fields, for example, processing of non-metallic minerals, chemical raw materials, advanced ceramic raw materials, fine abrasives, and so on. The stone micronizer such as ultra-fine grinding and fine grading technology has also been developed very rapidly. The manufacturers of various ultra-fine grinding and fine grading equipment have reached more than 100, and the scale of the manufacturers and the quality of the equipment are different. Moreover, due to the super-fine grinding and fine grading equipment in various countries, there has not been a unified performance bidding, testing specifications and quality standards, resulting in different manufacturers' performance indicators of their equipment. In the face of numerous ultra-fine grinding equipment, how should customers choose stone micronizer?
(1) Whether the product fineness requirements are met;
(2) Whether the production or scale requirements are met. Mainly considering the production capacity of a single piece of equipment, in order to meet the production requirements, the number of units is as small as possible;
(3) Whether the unit energy consumption is low. The specific energy consumption (kw.h/T) is lower, the lower the unit energy consumption, the lower the production cost of the product, and the stronger the market competitiveness of the product;
(4) Whether the wear of the equipment is small. On the one hand, equipment wear will reduce the service life of the main components and the whole machine, increase the cost, on the other hand, it will affect the product quality or product purity. When the equipment is selected, the working strength, material and anti-wear performance of the worn parts should be compared. .
(5) Whether the quality monitoring means is perfect. Perfect quality monitoring means can ensure the stability of product quality and improve the efficiency of crushing and grading operations;
(6) Whether the equipment supporting performance is good and the process system is simple. Equipment with good performance and simple process should be selected as much as possible;
(7) Whether the environmental protection indicators are up to standard. Equipment that meets the requirements of national environmental protection and labor, safety and hygiene standards should be selected for dust emission and noise;
(8) Whether the classification efficiency of the classification equipment is high. Equipment with high classification efficiency should be used as much as possible;
(9) Products of manufacturers with guaranteed machinery manufacturing and sound service systems should be selected to ensure reliable quality.
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