Micronizer machine industry as an important part of the machinery manufacturing industry in our country, is also the support of the national economy the mainstream equipment provider, embodies the national industrialization level of development. With the development of economic globalization, the development direction of our country mining machinery industry also gradually towards intelligence, pleasant, digital and large scale direction.
At present, problems exist in the development of the micronizer machine industry in China, by comprehensive strength is not strong, science and technology foundation is weak, product quality and technical factors. , therefore, to speed up the integration and through independent innovation go the way of high-end products, mining machinery machinery industry is the best way to adapt to the current economic development mode change, also is our country the development direction of the center of gravity of the mining machinery.
At first, large mining machinery industry system, strengthening the innovation of research and development efforts at the same time, should pay attention to the technical level of ascension. In mechanical manufacturing industry, China's enterprises to locate their position, clear enterprise characteristic and the cultural concept, set up its own brand image, strengthen the brand effect and crisis consciousness. Micronizer machine industry so should not blind production expansion, centered on technology innovation concept, focus on a high-end industry competitive crusher equipment development, strengthen the integration of science and technology, pay attention to product innovation, promoting the comprehensive use of the equipment efficiency.
Secondly, subdivision mining machinery industries, have a professional to mastering many skills while specializing in transition, the key needs of the forefront of major scientific and carry out new principles, new technologies, new methods of research, to realize the breakthrough in high-end crusher equipment and cross. Such as Shanghai Clirik machinery co., LTD., the production of stone production line, by the high quality of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and so on system configuration, high automation, high production efficiency, large capacity, energy conservation, environmental protection, equipment can also work independently, at all levels is helpful to improve work efficiency.
Again, the future development of micronizer machine industry wide space, to strengthen the investment of scientific research and talent cultivation, for later of the high-tech industry development. Implement with independent intellectual property rights and the application of scientific equipment and advance equipment industrialization base construction, in different ways into the micronizer machine industry, for its internationalization direction development road to lay a solid foundation.