kyanite micronizer mill

Kyanite powder micronizer mill is mainly to the processing of kyanite, fine powder equipment is also more and more now, we will introduce what equipment has effect on processing kyanite more.First of all, we know some characteristics of kyanite
Kyanite is a new type of refractory material, belongs to the high aluminum, strong chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock and mechanical
 First.strength, thermal expansion irreversible etc.,it is production of amorphous material and brick stove top, phosphate air brick, mullite brick and low creep brick of the main raw material, also it is a kind of metamorphic minerals, mainly produced in regional metamorphism schist, its by green schist facies metamorphic facies to the amphibolite facies.Also commonly used as a gemstone ring, bracelet, necklace.
These knowledge for us to choose and buy powder micronizer mill is more helpful, we Shanghai Clirik machine co., LTD.,it is mainly to production of fine micronizer mill.Now I will introduce kyanite micronizer mill main characteristics.
First Kyanite powder micronizer mill
Kyanite powder micronizer mill in the same final fineness and power, than a jet mill, stirring mill, ball mill production more than twice as high, has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.
Second Kyanite micronizer mill
Kyanite micronizer mill roller and grinding ring forging the use of special material, which makes use of degree is greatly increased.Under the condition of the same material and finished product fineness, specific impulse loss of life.
Third Kyanite powder micronizer mill for grinding chamber without rolling bearings, screws, therefore, the bearing and sealing elements will not, there is no screw loose and damaged machine problem, more safety and reliability.
Fourth Kyanite mill
Kyanite powder micronizer mill product fineness can reach D97 5 microns or less, so the product fineness high
Fifth Kyanite powder micronizer mill using impulse precipitator dust capture, muffler are adopted to decrease the noise, has the characteristics of environmental protection, clean.
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