Ultra fine micronizer mill machine is a widely used powder ore milling equipment, which can process a variety of ores powder, such as meerschaum micronizer mill, pyrophyllite micronizer mill machine  machines,they are in accordance with the kind of raw ore to name the micronizer mill equipment, the real name of this kind of equipment should be called: ring medium speed micro-grinding. 
Tricyclic refers to the kind of mill composed by three ring road. Each layer has a different number of ring road roller, roller few more of its ground better. After more than three layers of material Ring Road after grinding mill rolls into a superfine powder. More extensive use of ultra-fine powders, and national demand for ultra-fine mineral powder is relatively high, so the ring medium speed ultra-fine micronizer mill machine to get a good promotion. 
Speed ​​refers to the speed of this type of ultra fine micronizer mill machine is not high. 
Refers to the processing of micro grinding fineness of the mill, can reach the level of fine powder, the fineness of the company's ultra-fine micronizer mill machine for processing of 300-3000 mesh. It is currently processing ore powder ideal equipment. 
The next performance clearly illustrates the working principle of this kind of ultra-fine micronizer mill machine: