In recent years, with the natural resources gradual reduce, environmental protection and energy saving has become one of the issues that people have concernd it.In our socity  Limited resources to unlimited exploitation, making green energy imminent. Mineral processing equipment is an important part of solving environmental saving, environmentally friendly energy production Clirik micronizer mill equipment is a suitable for mineral processing milling equipment, effective solution to the waste of resources, pollution and other issues. 
With the continuous development of technology, coupled with the tireless efforts of our team developed a variety of environmentally friendly energy-saving milling equipment, micronizer mill equipment and each is equipped with inverter speed control, into a powder particle size in 300 be adjusted between -3000; better equipped with pulse dust collector, fast automatic cleaning, higher collection efficiency. Dust effect to national environmental standards. There was no dust pollution inside and outside plant equipment, greatly improving the operating environment of the workers, but it also reduce the leakage loss of fines. 
Shanghai Clirik machinery Co., Ltd. was established more than ten years, it specializing in the production of micronizer  mill equipment, constantly sum up experience over the years, to follow the development of the times, the pace of development in keeping with the times, the development of the micronizer mill equipment is widely used in many industries , especially a characteristic of green energy, has been the industry alike.  welcome customers to visit our plant.