For multiple parts machines, it can normal operation, the key is the staff to be properly installed, and whether know its procedures. If improperly installed, such as some parts difficult to distinguish whether the installation is correct, then the micronizer mill will not operate properly, it will seriously damage our economic interests; Furthermore, if the staff improper operation, not only the machine has been damaged more seriously will shorten its life.we correct installation and  specification operation of micronizer Concerns our micronizer mill lifetime and economic interests. Clirik to share with you ultrafine micronizer mill installation steps and use common sense.
how to correct install and use micronizer mill
Before installation, to check whether the ultrafine micronizer mill damaged in transit, and then high machines, auxiliary electrical control, auxiliary pipe main road in place, each pipe outlet in sealant to ensure sealing pipes; in before the micronizer mill running, whether there should be checks machine stolen foreign body, bolt is solid, the tightness of the belt, protective cover reliability etc., and then clean the rocker rail imported oil, and some other parts of the arm and then closed, then work, usually in the range of rotation of the micronizer mill do not have other objects blocking the; five minutes after the machine is running, observe a variety of instruments, to be current stability before feeding. In normal operation, if the need for speed adjustment, should have to wait for the machine to stop after the adjustment, do not rush to transform the way, when the micronizer  mill machine is running if there is abnormal sound or to turn off the micronizer mill machine immediately, and then check; after using instant cut off the power. 
Ultrafine micronizer mill little knowledge today as we share here, if you have additional questions about micronizer mill, please contact us, we will provide you with the satisfactory answer. In addition,Clirik developed a variety of models of micronizer milling equipment, micronizer mill effect has been recognized and praised by many users, welcome customers to buy.