Mainly suitable for medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness of stone micronizer processing of non-flammable ≤6 level of brittle materials, such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, silica, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica , magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, phosphate rock, potassium ore, pumice and other 100 kinds of materials. 
Stone micronizer
Clirik HGM125  stone micronizer hot sale
HGM125 series stone micronizer machine configuration includes a full set of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeders, micro-grinding hosts, frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure air, air compressor, electrical control system. 
HGM series stone micronizer 125 works: 
When working, the host and the spindle drive motor through reducer rotating turntable, turntable edge of the roll pin driven dozens of rolling mill rolls in the grinding ring raceway. Bulk material by hammer crusher into small particles from the elevator into the storage bin, and then through vibrating feeders and inclined feed tube evenly to the upper part of the material on the turntable bulk trays. Bulk material under the effect of centrifugal force to the peripheral edge, and falls into the grinding ring raceway of the inner ring is the impact of the roller, roller rolling, grinding, after processing into a powder the three ring road, the action of high pressure air to the outside air by suction sucked into the machine, and the material crushed powder selected band. The separator rotating impeller crude materials fell regrinding, to meet the requirements of powder into the air into the cyclone powder collector by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished, and the air with a small amount of fine dust is through pulse dust discharged after purification through the fan and silencer. 
New Features HGM125 stone micronizer is mainly reflected in:
First the average working diameter up to 1300mm, the number increased to 44 roller; 
Second  finished output can reach up to 12 tons per hour. 
Third shape L * W * H reaches: 14 * 9 * 10.25, bulky large capacity. 
HGM125 type stone micronizer machine vibration is very small, low noise, smooth mechanical operation and reliable performance. Obvious advantages, a significant increase in the number of grinding rollers, lower spindle speed, so that the substantial increase in yield compared with traditional mill. HGM125 type stone micronizer machine follows the pulse processing equipment to reduce dust emissions, reducing noise environment cleaner.